Case Study: Revoria Press PC1120


Case Study

Floricolor expands business offering and increases revenue with investment in Fujifilm Revoria PC1120


Perafita, Portugal

Revoria Press PC1120

There are many ongoing challenges in the market, but Fujifilm is always a reliable partner that has enabled us to overcome these challenges and help us to grow

Tiago Yu | Floricolor


  • Floricolor is one of the leading producers of professional photography albums in the world
  • The company has had a Jet Press 750S since October 2019 – the company’s largest investment
  • Now, Floricolor has invested in the Revoria PC1120, enabling the company to produce wedding invitations
  • Floricolor has been impressed with the special colours, effects, textures, sizes and substrates that the Revoria can print on
  • The designers and photographers have also been impressed with what can be achieved.
  • Revoria investment marks the latest step in a successful long-term partnership

Floricolor celebrated its investment in Fujifilm’s Revoria PC1120 press with an open house event in March 2022. Inviting several Portuguese customers, Floricolor and Fujifilm demonstrated the full potential of the new Revoria press – working in tandem with the Jet Press 750S – with printed samples and live demonstrations.

“The open house presented an initial opportunity for us to showcase what the Revoria can achieve, as well as giving our customers a chance to provide feedback.” explains Tiago Yu, CEO, Floricolor. “They were all very impressed with the results and what can be achieved so we knew exciting times lie ahead.”

“Our main market used to be wedding albums, but in recent years we’ve seen the demand for this service decrease. Demand for wedding invitations, however, is still just as strong, so we saw an opportunity to compensate for this loss in wedding album production by entering the wedding invitation space, something which has only been possible with the investment in the Revoria press. It also enables us to print large wedding album covers that we were previously not able to, helping us to expand our product offering and increase our revenue.”

“With the Revoria PC1120, we have launched a new business venture named Studio 6. Under the Studio 6 brand, we print wedding invitations, thank you cards, business cards and special stationery for our customers. We use the PC1120, in combination with other finishing equipment, to offer our customers a range of unique products, using special colours such as gold and silver varnishes.”

“The designers have been very impressed with the results that can be achieved from the Revoria press, particularly the special colours, textures and different substrates. Typically, it would be difficult to achieve a small run order of special colours, but with the Revoria PC1120, we are now able to do just that. All of our customers have been amazed with the quality and turnaround times.”

In addition to the special colours, the PC1120 enables us to print on substrates of many thicknesses, sizes and types, including plastic – something that we could not achieve with any comparable press on the market. The machine’s media handling is also particularly impressive.

Tiago Yu | Floricolor

“There are many ongoing challenges in the market, but Fujifilm is always a reliable partner that has enabled us to overcome these challenges and help us to grow. We have immense confidence in them to help us deliver print of the highest standard and we are looking forward to continuing to develop this relationship in the future.”

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Revoria Press PC1120

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