Acuity Prime Hybrid

Dedicated hybrid for
rigid and roll print

Versatile & ultra reliable

A game changing, LED UV hybrid machine capable of rigid and roll printing

The design of the printer is based on the award-winning Acuity Prime, including the printhead carriage, ink system, Automatic Printhead Maintenance System (APMS) and software interface.

Up to

141 m²/hr

Up to 7 channels


plus primer
Up to


media thickness

Why Acuity Prime Hybrid?


Handles flexible and rigid media up 51 mm thick, and roll media up to 2m wide


Benefits from an ultra-reliable and long lasting air cooled LED UV curing system


Sliding draw design allows for easy access to ink pumps and filters

Native 7 picolitre, 3 level greyscale printheads
4 vacuum zones
2 m width
Intuitive GUI
Long lasting, air cooled LED UV curing system
Uvijet HM high performance inks
7 channels (CMYK plus optional White, Clear and Primer)
Prints on heat-sensitive materials

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Key features

The Acuity Prime Hybrid is a true Hybrid machine, which means there is no
trade-off and none of the compromise that you would find in an older machine when switching between both rigid and roll media.

Up to 7 channels

The Acuity Prime Hybrid can be configured with up to 7 channels, with CMYK as standard, and optional White, Clear and Primer, and produces stunning quality print, able to produce droplet sizes down to 7pL. It handles flexible and rigid media up 51 mm thick, and roll media up to 2m wide, and benefits from an ultra-reliable and long lasting air cooled LED UV curing system.

It features a 4 zone vacuum system, and can produce print at speeds up to 141m2/hr. The printer is suitable for an incredibly wide range of applications, but can also be configured with an optional primer, extending the range of applications that can be printed even further.

Safety features

The Acuity Prime Hybrid also has a range of built-in safety features designed to maximise print uptime, which include anti-collision protection, with crash sensors deployed at both ends of the carriage, and an ioniser bar that reduces static on the media surface. Like the Acuity Prime, the printer also benefits from remote operation.

Designed with the operator in mind

Cost saving isn’t just about reducing the price of goods or outgoings, it’s also making sure the machine is running when and how you need it to. A huge part of this is making sure the printer is easy to use but also easy to maintain.

The Acuity Prime range prides itself on being extremely intuitive, from its user-friendly GUI, to accessible printheads for ease of maintenance and the Acuity Prime Hybrid is no exception. By including the unique Automatic Printhead Maintenance System, gone are the days of needing a time-consuming maintenance check on a Monday morning after a longer weekend, the APMS system ensures that the Acuity Prime Hybrid is ready to print whenever you are

Print modes and speeds

Prime Performance

Suitable for use with a wide range of media

Dedicated Hybrid

With the heavy-duty media handling system which allows rolls up to 100kg to be printed, a range of tricky to run media such as wallpaper, contravision and self-adhesive vinyl which are often prone to wrinkling, handle exceptionally on the Acuity Prime Hybrid.

Prime applications

Thanks to the Uvijet HM, HF and HZ ink ranges from the award-winning manufacturing plant in Broadstairs, UK, the Acuity Prime Hybrid is able to adhere to a wide range of roll media including contravision & window film, which are extremely heat sensitive LED curing materials, as well as textiles, often used for graphics and black back polyester.

This successful ink technology paired with the industrial build quality of the Acuity Prime Hybrid ensure that bold, creative applications are possible.

Quick changeover between rigid and roll media

Unlike some competitor machines, the Acuity Prime Hybrid is able to switch from rigid to roll-to-roll media seamlessly and within under a 10 minute changeover period, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance.

Fantastic ROI

Much like the entire Prime range, the Acuity Prime Hybrid offers its customers excellent return on investment, thanks to the full colour gamut provided by Fujifilm’s patented ink technology, maximum throughput achieved with the ability to print multiple boards with the 2m bed size, plus sellable quality prints even in draft mode.

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