Revoria Press EC1100

Highly productive and versatile production printer

High quality, productive and versatile

Superb mid-range press suitable for a multitude of applications

The Revoria Press EC1100 is a versatile production printer capable of high resolution printing at faster production speeds. It is able to support a wide range of applications thanks to its creative finishing capabilities and versatile media handling, including long and heavyweight paper up to 400g.


2400 dpi, 10-bit

printing resolution
Up to


paper weight
Up to

100 ppm

A4 print speed

Why Revoria Press EC1100?

High quality

2400 dpi and EA-Eco toner for superb results on coated or uncoated paper


100ppm on both coated and uncoated paper up to 300g in weight


Handles media weights from 52g to 400g and long banner paper up to 1200mm

Control panel
VCSEL-ROS / EA-Eco toner
Air suction mechanism / multi-feed detection device
Gate-type registration mechanism
Compact belt roll fuser
Built-in twin decurler
Compact paper cooling device
Inline sensor
Real time curl correction

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Key features

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Highly productive and easy to use

The Revoria Press EC1100 achieves high productivity printing of 100ppm on both coated and uncoated paper up to 300g in weight. Even on heavier weight media between 300g and 400g, a high speed is maintained at 80ppm.

Optional Air Suction Feeder ensures ultra-reliable media handling for all media types

Like an offset feeder, each sheet is picked up and delivered securely by the shuttle head using air suction, improving the paper feeding performance for low quality, textured and coated media.

This system is different to most others on the market, giving ultra-reliable and consistent paper feeding and therefore print performance.

Automation with inline sensor

The Revoria Press EC1100 has an inline sensor which automatically makes adjustments for a number of critical production parameters, including the image-to-media alignment, image transfer, density uniformity and tone reproduction curve.

This saves time, optimises quality and improves the efficiency of production for simple, more reliable operation. This is particularly useful for longer banner paper, which has a tendency to skew or suffer from mis-registration without these automated adjustments.

Optimise print conditions for each paper type with built in media library

Minimise adjustments when setting up print jobs by using pre-registered paper type settings in the media library such as voltage and curl. Alternatively, you can customise the pre-loaded recommended paper list and save up to 1,000 different paper type setting for faster setup.

Auto sheet clearing after paper jam

Significantly reduce the time taken to clear a paper jam with the automated clearing of the remaining paper after a jam. When a paper jam does occur, offset pages are inserted to identify any missing or repeated pages.


Handles various media weights from 52g to 400g

Everything from thin folded flyers to thick business cards can be printed. Additionally, not only can it handle heavier weight longer papers (350g up to 660mm, 300g up to 864mm) but the efficient media handling and versatility mean a wide range of customer needs can be met. In addition, high speed envelope printing can be achieved without an additional fuser.

Wide range of paper sizes, along with long banner paper of 1200 mm

The printer supports a wide range of paper sizes, from 148 x 98 mm (smaller than a postcard) up to 1200 x 330mm banner paper. The Multi Sheet Inserter for banner printing can print single-sided long paper from 660 x 330mm up to 1200 x 330mm, depending on the configuration, and duplex long paper up to 864 x330 mm, opening up new application and business opportunities. The Revoria Press EC1100 performs automated alignment adjustments to prevent paper skew or mis-registration which can often occur for longer banner papers to ensure ultra-reliable operation.


High quality

10-bit processing and half tone smoothing

10-bit processing results in up to 1024 halftones (instead of 256 with an 8-bit system) meaning extra control and higher quality reproduction can be achieved. In addition, graduation correction is used on images and vector graphics, faithfully reproducing fine tints, gradations of colour and subtle blends between colours. This is especially valuable when printing colour gradients, skin tones and shadows.

2400 dpi resolution and excellent registration

The VCSEL-ROS laser provides 2400 dpi print resolution while the energy-efficient EA-Eco toner* achieves superb results on either coated or uncoated paper to deliver high quality images comparable to offset printing. In addition, the front/back registration of up to 0.5mm (0.8mm from standard trays) ensures high quality duplex printing.

* Emulsion Aggregation-Eco Toner

Finishing applications

Discover the range of creative possibilities provided by the modular feeding and finishing options available as part of the Revoria Press EC1100

More information

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