Jet Press FP790

Digital inkjet press for flexible packaging

Three presses in one

Print mainstream flexo jobs digitally, at rotogravure quality

The Jet Press FP790 has been designed to help printers and converters adapt to changing market dynamics that are driving shorter print runs and product life cycles, faster delivery times and more sustainable production, whilst also adhering to the regulatory requirements of flexible packaging.


1200 x 1200dpi

Print resolution
Up to


Print speed
Up to


Substrate width

Why Jet Press FP790?

High productivity

Print speed of 50 m/min (164 feet per minute), no matter the number of colours.

Wide colour gamut

Achieve special brand and spot colour matching with no special inks.

Sustainable print process

Able to minimise waste and reduce the number of consumables.

Inline corona
Vibrant colour
Automatic register
Digital print unit (ww) and drying
High resolution
Digital print unit (cmyk) and drying
Image inspection

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Suitable for mainstream flexible packaging

The Jet Press FP790 digital press has been designed to be suitable for mainstream flexible packaging applications, thanks to a number of key features. Firstly, the Jet Press FP790 digital press produces ultra-high print quality, wide gamut print similar to the Jet Press 750S, making it possible to convert analogue flexo and rotogravure jobs to digital.

High productivity

The maximum substrate width is 790mm (31 inches) with a productivity of 50 m/min (164 feet per minute), no matter the number of colours. The high machine uptime and ability to change printing jobs and design adjustments within a matter of minutes contribute to the overall improvement of production efficiency of the entire factory.

Critically, the Jet Press FP790 is also able to fit into existing production processes with no other capital investments, along with being a much more sustainable solution than its analogue counterparts.

Fits existing production processes

With the challenging demands of the flexible packaging market, particularly the short turnaround times and regulatory requirements, Fujifilm has carried out extensive testing of printed output from the Jet Press FP790 with various laminating, slitting and finishing processes, to ensure customers of the press are in the best possible position to maximise the production opportunities from day one.

Fujifilm extensively tested Henkel’s renowned portfolio of laminating adhesives to ensure compatibility with the Jet Press FP790 ink as well as verify adhesion properties and lamination performance in post-press production, to guarantee the highest quality output. Given the excellent results and positive outcomes from these rigorous tests, Henkel’s solvent-free laminating adhesives are Fujifilm’s recommended solution for use with the Jet Press FP790.

Fujifilm also successfully tested Nordmeccanica’s Simplex range of two-layer laminating machines for solvent-less adhesives. The environmental benefits of the Jet Press FP790, combined with Henkel’s solvent-free adhesives and Nordmeccanica’s solvent-less lamination technology, delivers a truly sustainable production solution. In addition, it will enable packaging converters to remain compliant with the increasingly stringent environmental regulations that are now commonplace throughout the industry.

By collaborating with renowned and leading manufacturers of pre-press and post-press
technologies, Fujifilm can clearly demonstrate that its new Jet Press FP790 is fully compatible and integrates effortlessly into existing production environments offering a ‘plug and play’ digital solution that delivers the highest quality finished packaging with minimal testing, training or setup.

XMF Packaging – powered by HYBRID Software

Fujifilm’s Jet Press FP790 will feature a unique, smart Digital Front End (DFE) and unified workflow solution developed specifically by HYBRID Software to optimise the productivity and output of Fujifilm’s press.

This new XMF Packaging DFE is the first of its kind to be developed by a software company for use in the packaging market, and is a result of a close working partnership between Fujifilm’s R&D team and HYBRID’s specialist software developers.

Based on proven technology, the web-based,open architecture production workflow offers fully automated pre-press functionality to ensure the Jet Press FP790 press offers accelerated turnaround times, maximum productivity and reduced operating costs. In addition, its modular configuration allows for greater workflow expansion and upstream customisation to cater for specific user requirements.


A more sustainable print process

Fujifilm employs environmentally friendly water-based primers and inkjet technologies, which meet or exceed all regulatory requirements for flexible packaging printing. The Jet Press FP790 is also able to minimise waste, reduce the number of consumables associated with traditional analogue production, and totally eliminate all elements of the plate-making process.

Wide colour gamut and ultra-high quality

Using 1200 X 1200 dpi resolutions with CMYK inks, the Jet Press FP790 can achieve more than 90% of the Pantone® colour gamut, while also using two white ink channels for delivering high white opacity, all achieved with unprecedented colour stability. The wide colour gamut allows converters to achieve special brand and spot colour matching with no need for additional special inks.

Comparison of the color gamut of Jet Press FP790

Displayed L*a*b* space in a*b* plane

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