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About the Innovation Print Awards

Established in 2007, the Fujifilm Global Innovation Print Awards (IPA) celebrates its 17th year of fostering groundbreaking creativity in the printing industry. This prestigious competition invites printers, designers, and creative minds to push the boundaries of print by crafting exceptional applications that leverage the unparalleled capabilities of Fujifilm’s printing technologies.

With one of the widest array of toner and inkjet technologies, Fujifilm unleashes endless creative possibilities. We encourage audacious experimentation and innovation, welcoming projects that master traditional CMYK techniques and embrace the vibrancy of specialty colours like gold, silver, pink, and white.

Let your imagination be your guide. The IPA provides a platform to showcase your cutting-edge vision and redefine the possibilities of print. Join us and share your brilliance with a global audience.

Winners of IPA 2024 Global

All winning applications are showcased now at the Fujifilm stand at drupa 2024 in Hall 8B, Messe Dusseldorf.

Click here for a full breakdown of the winners.​

Best Innovation Award 2024 Global

Wegner GmbH (Germany)

Previous winners

Best Innovation Award 2023​ (Inkjet)

SunM Color Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Best Innovation Awards 2023​ (Toner)

Spectrum Press International Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Why enter IPA?

Seize the opportunity to propel your brand exposure, with the winners’ logos and winning applications published in the IPA Winners’ Booklet and promoted across our website, social media.

All winning entries will also have their works showcased in FUJIFILM Business Innovation Graphic Communications in Tokyo, Japan, and across the region in Graphic Communications industry events.

Gain knowledge of different creative and innovative print techniques from other users of Fujifilm print solutions.

Wow us now with your innovation in design and print!

Prepare for entry!IPA 2025 will start in Autumn 2025

The Innovation Print Awards (IPA) is a global platform launched in 2007 to celebrate exceptional work in print creation. This prestigious competition empowers printers, designers, and creative minds to push the boundaries of their craft using Fujifilm’s extensive portfolio of printing technologies.

Details of IPA 2025 will be officially announced at a later date.  

Award cateories (2024)

Innovation Print Award 2024 included 13 application categories and 5 subject categories:

Application Categories:

  • Books
  • Photobooks
  • Brochures, Catalogue & Leaflets
  • Multi-Piece Campaign
  • Wide Format Applications
  • Packaging
  • Digital Labels
  • Calendars
  • Food/Drink Menu
  • Art Production
  • Direct Mails
  • Creative Design
  • Open Category (Applications that cannot apply to the above)

Subject Categories

  • Sustainability
  • Use of Specialty Colours
  • Company Self Promotion
  • Technology
  • Business Effectiveness

Flenexpro demos at drupa 2024

Get the eco edge


28th May – 7th June 2024


Messe Düsseldorf


Stand A02, Hall 8b

We would like to extend an invitation to the Fujifilm stand at drupa 2024, where we will transport you to a live demonstration of the new Fujifilm Flenexpro plate processing system.

To register your interest in the date you wish to attend, please complete the form below. Please note, each daily demonstration is limited to 8 people per day 

Once your demo day has been confirmed by a Fujifilm representative, please meet us at the Flexo Packaging area of the Fujifilm stand, Hall 8b, Stand A02, at 2PM each day of the show.

We will take a 15-minute journey via taxi to the Fujifilm European HQ, the Print Experience Centre, where the demonstration will be held. We will return to the Messe following the demonstration. 

We look forward to seeing you! 

drupa 2024 富士フイルムブースにようこそ

Discover the difference


28 May – 7 June 2024


Messe Düsseldorf


Hall 8b Stand A02

Discover the difference

drupa 2024で業界をリードする私たちのデジタル技術を探索してください

ここ数年、すべての市場セクターにおいて大きな進化と発展を遂げてきた、富士フイルムの製品ポートフォリオ。業界トップクラスのインクジェットデジタルプレス「Jet Press 750S」に加えて、2021年からはワイドフォーマットプリンター「Acuity」の全面リニューアル、アナログパッケージングポートフォリオの拡充と初めてとなるデジタル軟包装パッケージ印刷機の発売、また商業印刷用ドライトナープレスの大型化などラインナップ拡充を行ってきました。それらを初めて一堂にご紹介するのに最もふさわしい場である世界最大の印刷産業イベントが幕を開けます。


The difference in digital




The best of inkjet and toner

Commercial Printing Solutions

商業印刷の世界において、当社は存在感のあるトナー・デジタルプレスのポートフォリオを有しており、中でも1パス6色のプリントエンジンを搭載したRevoria Press PC1120 は業界をリードしています。そこにB2サイズのRevoria Press GC12500が加わることで、このエキサイティングな領域に一つの新たな地平を開いていきます。しかし、私たちはそこにとどまることなく、これらとは別のレンジでさらに2つの新しいモデルを紹介することも予定しています。そしてもちろん、Jet Press 750Sも出展します。このインクジェットデジタルプレスが最高画質印刷に新たな水準点をもたらした理由を見つけてください。

Watch the video

Discover the Difference

Wide Format Printing Solutions

直近3年間、Acuityのワイドフォーマットプリンターにおいては、Acuity PrimeとAcuity Ultraを拡充し、強力なハイブリッド・オプションを含んだラインナップへと全面的なリニューアルを行いました。Acuity Prime HybridとAcuity Ultra Hybrid LEDをこのdrupaに出展して、その魅力的な新機能や拡張性をご紹介します。

Discover a different way


Get the eco edge

Label & Packaging Solutions

富士フイルムは、業界屈指のインクジェット技術とノウハウをフレキシブルパッケージの領域に応用し、Jet Press FP790を発表しました。この商品は、主流の軟包装用途向けに設計されており、より短期化する製品ライフサイクルの中で、より小ロットでより短納期の要求に応え、より持続可能な生産にダイナミックに適応することを助けます。インクカラーに関係なく50m/minで走行し、既存の生産環境にシームレスにフィットする優れた高品質の出力を備えたこのJet Press FP790をライブでご覧に入れます。

Your Inkjet Partner

Imprinting Solutions



このdrupaで、信頼とイノベーション、持続可能性というコア・バリューに基づいて、長期にわたって成長へと導くパートナーシップを築く私たちの情熱を見出してください 日本からdrupa 2024に来場されるお客様へ 富士フイルム株式会社・ 富士フイルムグラフィックソリューションズ株式会社のページが開きます

日本からdrupa 2024に来場されるお客様へ 富士フイルム株式会社・ 富士フイルムグラフィックソリューションズ株式会社のページが開きます

Fujifilm Print-On-Demand

Partner Conference 2024


16/17 April 2024


Budapest, Hungary


Corinthia Hotel

We are delighted to present details of our first print-on-demand Partner Conference, exclusively open to Authorised Fujifilm Partners only.

Over the course of two days, we will share details of Fujifilm’s strategy, roadmap updates, success stories and the latest tools and resources available for Fujifilm partners. We will also include a preview of our presence at drupa, run through some exciting new products we are launching, and explain how to make the most of the show.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in Budapest on 16th & 17th April to meet with Fujifilm executives and be inspired by our vision and strategy, whilst enjoying the beautiful facilities and surroundings of the Corinthia hotel.

Key event details are included below. Further details will be published soon.

Event key details

Location: The Corinthia hotel, Budapest

Hotel address: Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 43-49, 1073 Hungary

Travel: The airport that is closest to the conference venue is Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.  We kindly ask you to cover the costs of flights and ground transportation to and from the Conference venue.  Once at the venue, costs will be covered by Fujifilm.

Dates: 16th & 17th April 2024

Timing: The conference will take place over two days, starting from lunch time on the 16th April, and finishing around lunch time on the 17th. More details on the agenda will follow in due course.

Dress code: Smart Casual


Highlights of the event will include:

  • Keynote presentations from senior executives, presenting our journey to date and sharing our partner strategy for the future
  • Innovation showcases where selected Partners will present their success stories and share how they ‘Discovered the Difference’
  • Exclusive preview of exciting new products and business opportunities being launched at drupa 2024
  • Details of Fujifilm’s partner program for 2024
  • An insight into Fujifilm’s drupa plans and how the company will support you to maximise the drupa experience for you, your customers and prospects

A more detailed agenda will be published in early March.


Budapest, the capital of Hungary is one of the most exciting and enjoyable cities in Europe with its lively centre, pretty parks, majestic river, tall church spires and lavish spas. Thanks to the perfect location, locals’ hospitality and memorable monuments is it often cited as the “Pearl of the Danube”.

The Corinthia hotel is located on the beautiful Elizabeth Boulevard in the heart of the city, nearby the cosmopolitan Franz Liszt square, world famous Opera House and majestic Heroes’ Square. First opened in 1896 as a hub for the elite of nineteenth century society, and painstakingly restored to its original glory, the hotel brings together classic hotel opulence with the finest five-star luxury of modern times, with the following particular features:

  • Historical grand ballroom with its breathtaking beauty
  • Stunning Architecture
  • Royal spa

The Corinthia hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Budapest, and promises to be an inspiring venue for the Partner Conference 2024.

Fujifilm will cover the cost of accommodation and meals. This includes dinner and overnight stay on the 16th April and breakfast and lunch on the 17th April. Any additional costs (extra nights, room service, mini bar etc.) need to be settled by delegates on departure.

Click here for a detailed overview of the hotel.


We sincerely hope that you will join us for the first Fujifilm Partner Conference in April.

To ensure a fair distribution of the available places, we are limiting registrations to two people per partner. Should you wish to register more than 2 people from your company, please email and we will add the names to the reserve list.

To register your attendance at the event, please complete the form below. If 2 people are attending from the same partner company, please make sure that each attendee fills in a separate form.

Fujifilm à

C!Print Lyon 2024


6 – 8 Février


Eurexpo Lyon



Salon Professionnel

Sur le stand : Impression de Labeur

Revoria Press PC1120

Découvrez un potentiel créatif illimité avec 10 Couleurs, dont l’Or, l’Argent, le Blanc, le Rose Fluo et le Clear, facilement configurables sur les 6 groupes d’impression. Une qualité d’impression a la pointe de l’industrie, une polyvalence incroyable des supports et des options de finition et la plus large gamme de couleurs CMJN. En savoir plus.

La presse Revoria EC1100 sera également présentée.

Sur le stand : Grand Format

Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED

Machine d’impression grand format Premium de 3,3 m, offrant une superbe qualité d’impression en rouleau et rigide avec une excellente polyvalence. Cliquez ici pour plus d’informations.

Nous présenterons également l’Acuity Prime Hybrid et l’Acuity Prime 30.

Your invitation to our

Packaging Open House

Live Event

We are delighted to invite you to join Fujifilm at a Packaging Open House event on the 12, 13, 14 and 15th February 2024 at the site of our first Jet Press FP790 digital flexible packaging press installed in the UK. The event will showcase our extensive range of analogue and digital packaging solutions.


The open house will feature a workshop led by Europe’s first Jet Press FP790 customer. Fujifilm’s ground-breaking digital flexible packaging press was officially launched at Interpack 2023, and the first European beta trial has been hugely successful. The customer will share their experiences working with the press, details of their wider partnership with Fujifilm, and will conduct a demonstration of the machine in action.

fp790 commercial printer

In addition to the Jet Press FP790, we will be showcasing our flexo product range, including live
demonstrations of our Flenex water-wash plates, plus first hand feedback from the plate production team. You will also benefit from the opportunity to visit a local UV LED label printer who will demonstrate our LuXtreme LED curing system and CuremaX Inks. There will also be an opportunity to see in-house platemaking at this customer site.


A range of workshops will also take place, with topics to include: the future of inkjet technology for packaging; a showcase of printed samples; presentations from Fujifilm partners Nordmeccanica, Infigo, Henkel, Hybrid and many more, as well as further live  print demonstrations on the Jet Press FP790.

Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible to secure your place.

Peak Performance Print 2024

Fujifilm Print Experience Centre, Ratingen | 31.01 y 01.02 2024

Evento en directo

Con lo mejor en tóner…

¡NUEVO! El primer escaparate europeo de la impresora digital de tamaño B2+ pionera en el mundo al utilizar tecnología de tóner seco: Revoria GC12500 de Fujifilm. Venga a ver cómo esta innovadora prensa puede beneficiar a su empresa con demostraciones en directo durante todo el día.

¡ACTUALIZACIÓN! Vea la gama ampliada de impresoras de tóner Print On Demand de Fujifilm con demostraciones en directo de toda la gama de impresión de producción, desde la básica ApeosPro Serie C hasta la galardonada Revoria Press PC1120 de 10 colores.

…lo mejor en inkjet…

¡EN VIVO! Demostraciones de la Jet Press 750S y de por qué nuestra prensa insignia sigue siendo el «Nuevo estándar en impresión». Experimente el equipo usted mismo y hable con los propietarios que han invertido en la máquina de inyección de tinta B2 definitiva en cuanto a calidad y productividad.

¡ACTUALIZACIÓN! Un vistazo al sitio beta en el Reino Unido de la nueva prensa digital para envases flexibles Jet Press FP790 de Fujifilm. Le traeremos las últimas noticias y datos de producción con muestras que podrá llevarse.

fp790 commercial printer

¡EN VIVO! Demostraciones de nuestras soluciones de impresión líderes, con información para el cliente sobre cómo nuestros cabezales de impresión de chorro de tinta, tintas y soluciones de optimización de la imagen pueden integrarse plenamente en sus procesos de producción actuales.

…y lo mejor en software

¡EN VIVO! Talleres de productividad que muestran cómo podemos ayudarle a agilizar sus operaciones:

  • Fujifilm XMF PressReady flujo de trabajo digital con toma de decisiones automatizada – digital workflow with automated decision making
  • eProductivity Software soluciones para perfeccionar su experiencia de cliente en línea


Si está interesado en este evento, póngase en contacto con su representante de ventas local de Fujifilm.


Acuity Prime

Find out more about the Acuity Prime 20, 30 and L

Discover more

Acuity Prime Hybrid

Find out more about the Acuity Prime Hybrid here

Discover more

Fujifilm at

Viscom Italia 2023

4-6 October 2023

Fiera Milano

Hall 12 Stand C23/33

Trade show

We showcased the latest developments to our wide format range at Viscom Italia 2023

We demonstrated the exceptional capabilities of the latest models in our wide format range, the Acuity Prime L and the Acuity Prime Hybrid (now commercially available in Europe), at Viscom Italia 2023. Like the rest of the models in our new Acuity range, these printers are designed to increase commercial opportunities for large format printing businesses, delivering high quality, impressive productivity, and unmatched versatility.

The Acuity Prime L is a double bed-size LED UV flatbed printer, based on the same design as the successful Acuity Prime 20 and 30. Created with the user in mind, this cutting-edge printer combines ease of operation with a competitive ROI. Designed to deliver high quality results at remarkable speeds, the Acuity Prime L offers a larger printing table to cater to the demands of large sheet sizes without compromising productivity.

Key features include six vacuum zones, 16 media location pins, and a dual zone function enabling simultaneous side-by-side job printing.

We also demonstrated the Acuity Prime Hybrid, the latest offering in the Acuity range, first unveiled at FESPA 2023 as the latest development in our ‘new blueprint for wide format’. Each machine in the range has been developed to create the perfect combination of print speed, quality and cost-effectiveness, while incorporating multiple user-centric design elements.

The Acuity Prime Hybrid is poised to fulfil the needs of print service providers using diverse rigid and flexible media types such as Dibond, foamboard, acrylic, and polyester, across numerous applications. With standard four-colour (CMYK) options, the printer employs the same highly pigmented inks that have gained accolades in the Acuity Prime series. The precision of small ink droplets and pinpoint placement ensures unparalleled quality, even when operating at high speeds.

Paolo Zerbi, Graphic Arts General Manager, Fujifilm Italy comments: “Both the Acuity Prime L and Acuity Prime Hybrid are designed to redefine printing possibilities, developed to strike the perfect balance between output speed, print quality and value, while incorporating intuitive design features for the operator. With the announcement of the commercial availability of the Acuity Prime Hybrid, Viscom is
the perfect opportunity to showcase what the printers can offer.”