XMF PressReady

Revolutionary digital print production workflow

Advanced digital workflow

Streamline digital production with automated workflows

XMF PressReady is a revolutionary digital print production workflow system to receive, pre-flight, impose, gang, sort and deliver “Press Ready” jobs to digital presses using automated production flows. It allows print service providers to automate ordinary and repetitive tasks, allowing press operators to focus on more important aspects of the production process.


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Why XMF PressReady ?

One workflow

Full integration with Fiery and Fujifilm Revoria Flow DFEs to manage all digital
presses with one system


Eliminate routine tasks, improve production efficiency and lower running costs for a better ROI


Highly intuitive and simple interface allows system to be scaled across teams of
any size

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Key features

XMF PressReady is unique in integrating not only with Revoria digital presses, but any connected digital press using a Fiery DFE

Hybrid digital & offset print production

XMF PressReady is integrated with Fujifilm’s established and respected XMF Workflow system, allowing print businesses to manage both offset and digital production via one integrated workflow, making it an ideal solution for those who offer hybrid printing services. When used in combination with Fujifilm’s Revoria Press PC1120 and Revoria Flow DFE, XMF PressReady, can completely automate the flow of print work from order intake to printed product by preconfiguring and automating the flow of work through the Revoria Flow DFE.


XMF PressReady can integrate with other systems such as Management Information Systems (MIS) and web to print systems allowing up stream systems to be fully connected to the digital print production flow.

Print management across all vendor presses

XMF PressReady is unique in integrating not only with Revoria digital presses, but any connected digital press using a Fiery DFE. This allows print service providers to manage digital presses from
multiple vendors using one system, giving visibility of the print job status, the print job queue, media information, ink levels and much more.

Conditional automation

Able to integrate seamlessly into a range of established workflow environments, XMF PressReady offers multiple workflows that can be configured to make production decisions based on size, quantity, media, and page count. XMF PressReady eliminates the need for manual intervention, saving valuable time and reducing the possibility of operator error.

Streamline production

Fujifilm’s XMF PressReady brings a new level of efficiency to digital print production, providing print service providers with a powerful, flexible, and efficient workflow system that can automate processes, streamline production, and save valuable time by minimising errors.

XMF PressReady workflow

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