Revoria Press GC12500

The world’s first B2+ sized digital press using dry toner technology

World class, world first

Maximum reliability and productivity

The Revoria Press GC12500 is the world’s first B2+ sized digital press using dry toner technology. It’s the result of Fujifilm’s many years of digital print and toner technology expertise.


750 x 662mm

B2 XL sheet size
Fino a


substrate thickness

2400 x 2400 dpi

risoluzione di stampa

Why Revoria Press GC12500?

Larger sheet size with almost 3.5 times the area of most production grade toner presses

Compatible with INGEDE approved Super EA Eco Toner, enabling print to be effectively deinked

Designed to be very easy and familiar to use, requiring low operator skill levels

Unique Design
Paper Supply
Registration Control Gate
Low Stress Fusing
Toner Transfer Optimisation

Enhancing sustainability

There are many environmental benefits associated with digital print. Make-ready waste between images and jobs is removed, as is the entire plate production process. Fewer press chemicals are required and smaller stock holdings are made possible due to the on-demand nature of digital print.

Caratteristiche principali

The Revoria Press GC12500 is a highly productive press, thanks to a number of unique features. A combination of cutting-edge hardware and software technologies ensure consistent high quality and reliability.

Maximum reliability and productivity

Largest sheet size in its class

The B2 XL sheet size of 750 x 662mm is 25% larger than other leading B2 digital presses. This means it is possible to deliver six A4 pages per sheet, including bleed, trim and production data. There is plenty of room for things like a complete 12 page A4 landscape brochure, 2-up tri-fold brochures or 24 A5 postcards on a single sheet. Step up more cards, labels, tickets, swing tags and packaging pieces.

High press uptime

Fujifilm’s heritage, and over 60 years of experience in toner development, have been brought together in the Revoria Press GC12500. Familiar technologies have been enhanced and performance optimised to deliver reliable, high quality production using the largest sheet size available on a toner press.

Dry toner digital presses also feature higher reliability and press uptime compared to others on the market. This is due to the simpler setup and maintenance routines required to operate the press, and advanced features that maximise uptime.


Consistent high quality

In-built advanced technologies deliver reliable high quality, job after job.

Accurate registration

The Registration Control Gate (see right) corrects paper skew and presents a squared-up sheet to the gripper transport system to accurately carry each sheet through the imaging process. After imaging the low stress fusing process ensures dimensional stability of substrates and ensures that even the largest duplex sheets are backed up within a ± 0.5mm tolerance.

Even colour distribution

The uniform distribution of toner across the width of the imaging area is key to maintaining high image quality, especially on the B2 XL size sheet of the Revoria GC12500. New Toner Transfer Optimisation Technology takes advantage of the world’s smallest toner particle sizes contained within Fujifilm’s Super EA eco toner, to create a “magnetic brush”, with greater height and density, to deliver more even colour over larger areas than previously possible on a toner press.

Operation made simple

The Revoria Press GC12500 has been designed to be very easy and familiar to use, making it a powerful option when upgrading from an SRA3 press – with low operator skill levels required.

Easy to use

Anyone familiar with the operation of a smaller toner press will immediately feel at home and ready for production with the Revoria Press GC12500. The general principles of the imaging system remain the same with operators guided through any interventions, calibration or maintenance procedures with simple guides on the control panel and notification lights throughout the machine.

Media management

Managing the paper supply is easy with two drawers that can be freely adjusted to any measure between maximum and minimum sizes. A familiar media library system guides operators through the process of loading and reloading media.


Output accessibility

The unique design of the Revoria Press GC12500 delivers output into the large capacity stacker positioned right next to the feed trays. Everything an operator needs – control panel, paper feed, delivery and sample trays – are within arm’s reach for maximum production efficiency.

Smooth running

Dual oversize Super EA Eco toner cartridges mean they can be easily and cleanly loaded while the press is running, optimising uptime.

Redefining flexibility

Take advantage of changing customer demands and new opportunities with the unrivalled flexibility of the Revoria GC12500.

Media flexibility

In addition to the largest sheet size on a B2 sheet-fed press, the Revoria Press GC12500 is also the most capable, feeding and duplexing a range of substrates with the widest spread of weights and thickness in its class:

  • Feed any sheet size between the minimum of
    636 x 469mm to the maximum of 750 x 662mm.
    There are no limits.
  • Go beyond paper and board to print on some PET and other synthetic media without the need for special coatings or pre-treatment.
  • Whether it’s coated or uncoated, simplex or duplex, the printing specifications are the same: from lightweight papers at 64gsm/0.06mm to heavy card or carton stock at 450gsm/0.6mm.

Workflow capability

As you would expect with a modern digital front end, Revoria Flow manages image quality, job queues and colour. In addition, the following features that appear as options in other workflows, are included as standard:

  • Preflight tools
  • Raster image viewer
  • Imposition
  • Smart job scheduling

Diverse application capability

Leaflets, tickets, postcards, mailers, brochures, books, point of sale, packaging – all become more productive and cost effective with the Revoria Press GC12500. A sheet size of 25% greater than other presses can mean up to 50% more items on a sheet.

Product brochure

Looking for more information? Click here to download our Revoria GC12500 product brochure.

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