Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED

Designed for rigid and flexible media, offering superb, high quality printing in a 3.3m platform.

One platform. Unlimited results.

The Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED delivers an unrivalled range of applications at both high quality and high speed.

The Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED is a high-end printer designed for rigid and flexible media, offering superb, high quality printing in a 3.3m platform

Up to

218 m²/hr


3.5 picolitre

greyscale printheads
Up to

1200 x 1200 dpi

print resolution

Why Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED?

Near photographic quality printing of a huge range of applications at high speeds

Scalable architecture that can grow and change as business demands evolve

Intelligent design and new high performance ink for maximum versatility

Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED Image hotspot
Media load and unload tables
Intelligent vacuum control system
Damage-resistant belt
Intuitive GUI

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Ultra-high quality

The Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED uses the same head carriage as the Acuity Ultra R2, capable of ejecting greyscale drops down to 3.5pL in size to deliver superb print quality. Combined with an industrial build quality, a linear motor head carriage drive and Fujifilm’s high performance Uvijet UH inks, the very best print quality is guaranteed.

Heavy duty chassis

Like the Acuity Ultra R2, the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED is built on a substantial welded steel construction, together with solid steel bars, which contribute to the machine’s 8.3T weight. This design not only delivers a robust construction, it also ensures that the printer displays very little vibration during operation, further enhancing print quality.


Linear motor head carriage drive

Many hybrid printers use a belt drive to move the print carriage, often resulting in a reduced life span as well as impacting print quality. The Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED uses a linear motor drive for the head carriage delivering travel speeds of 1900mm per second when using the fast carriage travel speed. The carriage movement is quiet and free from vibration, travelling along dual rails with the carriage supported by 6 large race bearings.


Designed with the operator in mind

A range of advanced features have also been incorporated into the design of the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED to improve operation and maximise uptime. These include:

  • Media tension buttons controlling the roll functions of the machine are located on both the input and output sides for ease of use
  • The input media roller is adjustable, moving up and down, for improved tension, and to help keep the roll media flat and wrinkle free
  • The durable aluminium media shafts cater for either single 3.3m rolls, or two rolls each up to 1.6m wide. The printer uses a special airshaft which allows two rolls of the same media having different diameters to be run at the same time


Uvijet UH ink

Fujifilm has developed a new high performance LED curing ink for use in the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED, specifically designed to give the adhesion performance needed in a hybrid solution. However, the ink still delivers the same high coverage and print quality as Fujifilm’s other Uvijet AU and GS inks, with customers also able to benefit from the same low ink usage.

The Uvijet UH ink set consists of six standard colours (CMYKLcLm) and an optional white ink. The printer can be configured with two white ink channels to maximise throughput speeds and print density.

The Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED with white ink allows flood white under-printing for non-white media, over-printing white for backlit applications on transparent media and/or printing white as a spot colour. The new ink range has both Greenguard Gold and AgBB certification.




The combination of intelligent design features and Fujifilm’s new Uvijet UH high performance ink, ensures that the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED is one of the most versatile platforms on the market, able to produce an unrivalled range of applications at both high quality and high speed.

Print on rigid media with ease

The Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED’s belt transport and intelligent vacuum systems are truly unique, meaning it can print on a range of rigid substrates previously only possible on dedicated flatbed systems.

This means low cost Correx products for short term signage applications such as for sale signs and building hoardings, can be printed at high speed with multiple panels (up to 5 across the bed) continually printed with a single operator.

Double up with multi-layer capability

In addition, the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED can print onto Dibond and Acrylics, utilising multilayer printing and white for reverse printing, and two sided applications.

These applications take advantage of the superb transport system and accurate dot placement, and can deliver high margins and additional revenues, previously only possible with a dedicated printer.

Two rolls at once

The Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED can also print 2 x 1.6m rolls, even with different diameters, as the shafts have a differential in the middle meaning the rolls can spin at different speeds.

All rolls are transported perfectly through the printer, producing high quality results on materials such as self-adhesive vinyl, pop up materials for roller banners, floor graphics and billboard paper all delivered at high speed.

Highlights are a clear winner

For both rigid and roll, the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED can also print white on a wide range of clear materials such as clear self-adhesive PVC, optically clear polyester and polypropylene – all high margin applications for retail applications.

It also capable of printing on wall covering materials, either short rolls up to 1.6m with a textured finish, or on 3.2m seamless wallcoverings for business applications such as hotels and retail spaces.

Short runs to maximise productivity

Roll feeders located on the tables mean many short run applications can be printed economically, with very little waste material and fast change-around times, making the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED a truly versatile production system.

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